Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

With a team firmly placed on a train to nowhere, the Pirates have decided to jump out the rear door in the dining car and walk slowly to their next destination. They have now left the world of hopeless to enter the universe of extreme “meh.”

They subtracted some solid major league quality players and added numbers for their roster. The additions in a word? Meh!

General manager Ben Cherington had probably seen enough. He has decided to abandon a horrid trajectory and try to get his Pirates team back on sturdier rails. Nice try. No blue ribbon for effort from this old scout.

Part of his plan was to jettison first baseman Josh Bell, a decision that will breathe new life into Bell’s career. He was sent packing to Washington. I really like Josh Bell‘s future.

Also gone are pitchers Jameson Taillon, Joe Musgrove and Nik Turley

While it may seem drastic to trade solid major league talent, Cherington has acquired some potentially talented, young, controllable players for a franchise that has stapled shut their bank books for years and years. Now Mr. Chrington is running the new railroad. But really, is dumping salary and betting on marginal prospects the right way to run that railroad? We’ll see.

The fans of Pittsburgh deserve more than a beautiful ball park. They deserve a competitive team. Maybe, just maybe, the players acquired in Cherington’s house cleaning can change the dynamics, culture and environment of what is now

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