Thu. May 6th, 2021

Win the league, not the draft. Search the Z Files archives and that shows up as an article title at least once. Today, we’re going to reinforce that notion, but from a different angle.

By means of review, target drafting is a common ploy. The idea is to use historical league results to set category targets sufficient to win the league. In full disclosure, I used to be a huge proponent of this approach and for the early years of the NFBC, I was the go-to guy for the previous season’s average standings. Fast forward several years and I feel the tactic can do more harm than good.

That said, much like I stated with the flaws inherent in inflation a couple weeks ago, anything easing your mind at the draft table is a good thing. So long as you’re aware of the pitfalls of target drafting and avoid them, more power to you.

One of the main reasons I’m no longer a fan of target drafting is that the procedure is so biased, you better not only hit them but blow them away. You’re taking players for which you are more bullish than the market while others are drafting those for which you are bearish, well ahead of your ranking. How can you not crush your targets?

There are a couple more technical reasons to eschew target drafting. My research has demonstrated between 75 and 90 percent of your final stats are acquired on draft day. The deeper the

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