Thu. Apr 22nd, 2021

NameCharlotte Waechter
Sport: Women’s Soccer
Hometown: Cary, North Carolina
Major: Economics

Why did you choose UChicago?
UChicago was the perfect balance of rigorous academics and a top D3 soccer program. The team was also super welcoming, and I really wanted to be in a city!

Favorite moment of your UChicago athletic career?
Traveling to Italy with my soccer team!!

Favorite team tradition/activity?
One-touch finishing before every game! The senior skit is also really funny every year.

What made you fall in love with your sport originally?
I loved playing a team sport and found that soccer was more exciting than other sports because it requires intellectual and creative thinking.

What lessons have you learned through competing in your sport that have stuck with you?
Work ethic goes a really long way.

What advice would you give to your first-year teammates?
Don’t stress too much. It’ll be over before you know it, so make sure to live in the moment and try not to expend too much energy worrying.

Favorite UChicago class that you learned the most from and why?
Economic Policy Analysis (2395) with Kanit Kuevibulvanich because he is truly the most passionate and engaging professor I’ve ever had.

Which UChicago faculty or staff member made the greatest impact on you and why?
Mr. Sanderson has been a great mentor these past four years. I’ve really enjoyed TAing for him and learn something new every quarter.

Favorite thing to do in the city?
Run downtown for brunch or smoothies!

What are your post-graduation plans?
I’ll be doing equity research at Dodge & Cox in San Francisco.

Outside of your current sport, which sport or activity do you feel like you would excel at the most?
I love long distance running and am hoping to run a marathon after college.

Favorite Chicago restaurant?
Beacon has REALLY good donuts.

Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
I tried a scorpion in China once.

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