Thu. May 6th, 2021

Name: Brian Uhler
Sport: Football
Hometown: Woodridge, Illinois
Majors: Philosophy and Political Science

Why did you choose UChicago?
I chose the University of Chicago largely for its reputation as a school with a strong emphasis on intellectual debate and free speech. The school prides itself on its support of this; it’s effectively a safe space for free speech.

Favorite moment of your UChicago athletic career?
Preseason camp every year; nothing to focus on but football.

What made you fall in love with your sport originally?
I am a kicker and I simply like kicking for its own sake. Kicking is something I’ll always enjoy doing whether it’s with a team or by myself.

What lessons have you learned through competing in your sport that have stuck with you?
“There is no substitute for effort, energy, and enthusiasm.” — Coach Wilkerson

What advice would you give to your first-year teammates?
Make the most of the opportunity you’ve been given, take nothing for granted, and help the program as much as you can in your four years here.

Favorite UChicago class that you learned the most from and why?
Taking Logic was very crucial in forming the way I think; being able to consciously understand complex arguments is a critical skill that is quite necessary in an environment with such frequent debate.

Which UChicago faculty or staff member made the greatest impact on you and why?
Professor Ben Callard was a huge influence both in my choice of philosophy as a major and in my structuring of the major itself. He’s been a mentor to me throughout my time at the College and is one of the smartest and most open-minded people I’ve ever met.

Favorite place on campus?
Harper Library; it has a very Harry Potter-ish vibe to it, much more pleasant of a study area than the hospital-style depression pit that students refer to as “The Reg.”

What are your post-graduation plans?
I will attend law school in the fall immediately after graduation, but at the moment I haven’t decided exactly where I’ll go.

Outside of your current sport, which sport or activity do you feel like you would excel at the most?
Snowboarding. I used to competitively snowboard but stopped due to my interest in football and the high risk of injury.

Favorite Chicago restaurant?
Au Cheval. As former UChicago football star Dante Nepa said, “It’s absolute heat.”

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