Mon. May 17th, 2021

(Steven Hayward)

It’s been wall-to-wall podcasts for me today. This morning I was a guest on the flagship Ricochet podcast with Jame Lileks, Peter Robinson, and Rob Long, discussing Biden’s inaugural and first steps in office, and then after me the show took up UFOs and aliens, which may be our best hope for the next four years.

Then this evening I recorded a new episode of our “Three Whisky Happy Hour” format with “Lucretia,” but with a twist: By popular demand from listeners, “Lucretia” takes over hosting duties this week and gives me another thrashing about election fraud issues. But along the way we review the extremely ominous first 72 hours of the the Harris-Biden Administration, and conclude that the Harris-Biden presidency is going to be several notches to the left of the Obama Administration.

On the never-ending question of the integrity of the November election, about which listeners weren’t convinced by last week’s episode with Henry Olsen, we discuss the statistical analysis of John Lott, whom I describe as a “level-six statistical regression ninja,” along with a respectful critique from three well-qualified political scientists. The statistical fine points are difficult for a layperson to follow, leaving us . . . right where we started: circumstantial evidence is like a smoke from a gun floating in the air with no one around—we don’t know who fired it, etc. Lucretia doesn’t let me off the hook on a single point, causing still more liver damage.

That’s a lot to listen to in one day, but since the NFL conference championship don’t happen until Sunday, here’s all the Saturday content you need (after TWiP of course), though you can go to the other place if you want.

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