Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Vaxman Rekha: Some Wary Of Going To The Other SideNew Delhi: While the healthcare workers who were the first to receive the Covid-19 vaccination on Saturday were mostly receptive to the idea, common citizens still have mixed feelings about being poked at this stage. While some would want to get their elders given the protective jab as soon as possible to minimise their risk of infection, others want to wait for 1-2 months to see the results of the first phase of vaccination for antibody generation and side effects before they stand in line for the injection.

TOI talked to a cross section of Delhiites of all ages and gender to gauge what they were thinking about the vaccination programme. B M Bakshi of New Friends Colony was optimistic. The 83-year-old said he would be willing to get inoculated as soon as the vaccine was made available to people in his age group. “Young or old, all citizens should accept the vaccine happily as it has gone through the necessary checks. I also request the government to make some arrangements for people aged 90+ so that they can receive the dose at home,” he said.

Chetan Sharma, 65, a resident of Greater Kailash, however, noted people were still suspicious. “Due to the prevailing atmosphere, I will personally wait for a month to see if people suffer side-effects or if antibodies actually develop,” he asserted. Amisha, 28, too wanted to bide her time. “I was infected as were everyone in my family, so I believe I am immune for a while,” she said. “By the time I get my shot, I will know if the vaccine is a good option or not.”

Harjinder Saroha, 49, of Vasant Kunj, will also adopt a wait-and-watch stance. “After seeing the process unroll, the confidence in the vaccine will develop. Right now, it is a bit uncertain and people are still apprehensive,” he said. In a similar tone, Deepali, 29, said, “The vaccines have been developed in haste and I am not sure if they will get the desired result. I am glad the option of getting the shot isn’t open right now. Only if the results prove positive will I get my shot.”

And while Prachi, 24, cannot wait to be vaccinated, Kajal, 26, said, “Even if I was eligible to be vaccinated, I wouldn’t go ahead.” Lakshmi Narayan, 49, of Jangpura too hesitated and said he would wait a couple of months to clear the doubts he had about the procedure before getting vaccinated.

Shalimar Bagh resident Ritesh Dewan, 34, pointed out that the low availability of the vaccine did not leave any scope for choosing one of your liking. The government should increase the number of vaccination centres in the city, he added. “The young people can still recover from the infection,” Dewan said. “I am more concerned about my 63-year-old mother who has not ventured into the public since March last year. And when the vaccines are available in private hospitals, the government must prevent black-marketing and fleecing of the common citizens.”

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