Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

India gears up to supply 0.3 million healthcare workers across nine countriesIndia is gearing up to supply an estimated 0.3 million healthcare workers needed across nine countries including the US, UK, Germany and Canada among others till 2022 to help them better prepare for any future pandemic.

Demand is highest for nurses, community healthcare workers and health professionals in allied spaces from Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Top government sources told ET that the Indian government, including the ministry of skill development and enterprises (MSDE), is in talks with their counterparts in these countries to assess their specific requirements and create job roles accordingly to cater to their needs for a skilled workforce.

More countries, including those in the middle-east are being added to the list as they too are raising demand for health workers ever since the pandemic broke, giving a boost to India’s vision of becoming the skills capital of the world. These include Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

“A country centric approach is being followed in terms of actual market demand, its availability and accessibility for Indian market,” the official added. The exercise which has been under works over the last nine months has kick-started after the ministry of skills development and entrepreneurship carried out a skill gap mapping across various countries for healthcare professionals.

Government is simultaneously assessing the immigartion norms of all these countries to understand the complexities and how it can be simplified to facilitate movement of workers from India.

India will soon set up a joint working group with these nations to lay out a roadmap on collaboration over movement of workers. This will be followed by signing agreements with these countries clearly designing the terms of contact for these workers, the job roles they need and other immigartion technicalities to ensure smooth transition of workers from India to these specific destinations.

The skills ministry along with the health sector skills council has done an indicative mapping of seven healthcare job roles of India with the standards of 32 comparable international job roles for 12 countries.

“This will help to provide skill training as per the global standards with assessment and certification as per the qualification standard of destination countries,” the official said.

Government will soon hold a workshop, jointly organised by the Ministry of external affairs (MEA), the India Centre for Migration under ILO and MSDE, on the subject of emerging overseas opportunities in the health sector in different countries.

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