Wed. Mar 3rd, 2021

Many of the smart/IoT devices you’ll purchase are powered by some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI)—be it voice assistants, facial recognition cameras, or even your PC. These don’t work via magic, however, and need something to power all of the data-processing they do. For some devices that could be done in the cloud, by vast datacentres. Other devices will do all their processing on the devices themselves, through an AI chip.

But what is an AI chip? And how does it differ from the various other chips you may find in a device? This article will highlight the importance of AI chips, the different kinds of AI chips that are used for different applications, and the benefits of using AI chips in devices.

AI processing units and what they are for

Other chips and why they’re not great for AI

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Albert Liu is the Founder and CEO of Kneron.

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