Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Goalies are a unique fantasy commodity, as they account for a completely different set of categories and often have greater scoring variance than skaters. Virtual managers have a full bench of forwards and defensemen to help offset shortcomings at those positions, but usually only have a few options to turn to in goal. Netminders are better equipped to fight off Father Time than skaters, but they still fluctuate in value from year to year.

Where you should snag a goaltender during your draft will depend on your league setup and personal preferences. Think of pitchers in fantasy baseball drafts. Some fantasy managers like taking a stud early, while others prefer to wait, grabbing a few second-tier options in the later rounds. Irrespective of which strategy you use, prepare to be flexible and pivot based on how your draft unfolds, and also make sure to take a few fliers late in your drafts, especially if a rookie or a high-upside backup piques your interest.

Tier 1: Cornerstones

Andrei Vasilevskiy, Connor Hellebuyck, Tuukka Rask, Carey Price and Carter Hart

These goaltenders are the cream of the crop. Vasilevskiy’s ancillary numbers weren’t elite during the 2019-20 regular season, but all he does is win, and his GAA and save percentage both improved substantially during the postseason. Hellebuyck should have received more Hart Trophy love, but he rightly won the Vezina. If Winnipeg’s D is even slightly improved, look for a monster season from him in 2020-21. If you had

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