Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

As you’ve probably gathered from the title, things have yet to calm down entirely in the streets of the Big Apple. There was another demonstration this week by BLM activists, this time protesting the detention of illegal aliens. The usual calls for the abolishment of ICE (and/or the police) were being heard as the marchers flooded the streets, blocking traffic for many city blocks. All without a permit, of course, but apparently we don’t bother with such trivial matters these days.

Things turned ugly around four in the afternoon when pedestrians filmed a car accelerating through a group of the demonstrators, sending several flying into the air. None had life-threatening injuries. Police quickly flooded the scene to bring matters under control, but it turned out that the “demonstrators” were doing a lot more than just demonstrating. (NY Post)

Multiple pedestrians were struck by a vehicle during a Black Lives Matter protest in Midtown Manhattan on Friday afternoon, police said.

The crash happened at the intersection of 39th Street and Third Avenue just after 4 p.m. where the protesters had gathered, cops said…

At least two dozen cops flooded the intersection and surrounded an injured person being treated by EMS, according to video posted to social media.

This brief report from Fox NewsNOW provides a sense of the chaos unfolding and more of the details.

As mentioned above, at least one onlooker captured the incident on video and posted it to Twitter.

As you can see from the early news coverage, protesters were rushing to give their version of events to the reporters on the scene. They described the event as a car “accelerating into the crowd” as if the driver was just running people down and zooming off into the distance. The reality was, of course, much different.

The driver, an unnamed 52-year-old woman from Queens, was in her car with her daughter. When they came upon the demonstration, the street was entirely blocked by the protesters and she was forced to stop. At that point, the “protesters” surrounded her car and began beating on the hood and the roof, threatening to break the windows of the vehicle. In fear for the safety of herself and her daughter, the woman hit the gas to escape from the crowd. She only traveled a short distance until she saw some police officers and pulled over. She was later taken into custody.

It will be interesting to see what happens if the city attempts to press charges against her. She makes a credible claim that she was in fear for her safety and that of her passenger, a position that’s fairly easy to understand. Facing a choice between risking injury to others by fleeing or potentially having both of them end up being dragged out of the car by an angry mob, it’s really not that tough of a call to make, is it?

Further, none of this would have had to happen if the proper laws and procedures had been followed. If the BLM demonstrators had applied for and received a permit to occupy that section of the street, the police would have blocked it off to vehicular traffic, redirecting all cars around the area. Had that been done, the driver and her daughter would never have been trapped by the mob and been put in that position.

Perhaps this will serve as a reminder to future participants in such activities. If you use your own body to stand in front of and block a running vehicle and begin pounding on the hood until you’ve scared the driver out of her wits, bad things are very likely to happen. None of us should cheer for or encourage violence in the streets of any sort, but nobody is forced to sacrifice themselves as collateral damage when being swarmed by large groups of people illegally blocking traffic.

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