Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

Ha and another member Kim Byung-kee said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had taken some “unreasonable” actions due to COVID-19 “paranoia”.

They said those actions included banning fishing and salt production because of fears that seawater might have been contaminated with the virus, and stranding some 110,000 tons of rice from China in the north-eastern Chinese port of Dalian.

“He has been expressing emotional excess, anger and signs of stress, and increasingly giving unreasonable orders,” Ha said.

North Korea has not confirmed any coronavirus infection, but the NIS had said an outbreak there could not be ruled out as the country had active trade and people-to-people exchanges with China before closing the border in late January.

Pyongyang has not issued any official response to the recent US presidential election, but the government has urged all its overseas diplomatic missions to exercise caution and not “provoke” the United States, legislator Kim said.

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