Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Mayor Michael Hancock

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (D) has repeatedly told people not to travel for Thanksgiving in order to slow the spread of Covid-19.

However, the rules do not apply to him since he is a part of the Democrat ruling elite.

Hancock hopped on a flight to Houston on Wednesday ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday to be with his family.

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30 minutes before Mayor Hancock boarded his flight, he reminded the peasants not to travel and to have a “virtual” Thanksgiving instead.

Hancock believes he has the authority to tell people to stay home, where to buy their food, and how to shop for Black Friday.

9News reported:

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock boarded a flight to Houston ahead of Thanksgiving despite his warnings that people should stay close to home and only spend the holiday with their own household if they can.

His spokeswoman confirmed that Hancock was traveling to Houston Wednesday to visit his daughter in Mississippi, and that his wife is already there.

“As he has shared, the Mayor is not hosting his traditional large family dinner this year, but instead traveling alone to join his wife and daughter where the three of them will celebrate Thanksgiving at her residence instead of having them travel back to Denver,” a statement from the mayor’s spokesperson reads. “Upon return, he will follow all necessary health and safety guidance and quarantine.”

According to an email obtained by 9NEWS, Hancock’s assistant said the mayor would be out of office from Wednesday to Friday.

In an email to city staff on Nov. 18, Hancock wrote, “as the holidays approach, we all long to be with our families with person, but with the continued rise in cases, I’m urging you to refrain from travel this Thanksgiving holiday. For my family that means cancelling our traditional gathering of our extended family.”

In the email, Hancock also said anyone who travels out of state should quarantine for 14 days and that employees who can’t work from home will need to use their paid time off for the leave.

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