Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

Gautam Gambhir inaugurates giant air purifier in East Delhi's Krishna Nagar marketEast Delhi MP Gautam Gambhir on Sunday inaugurated the third giant air purifier of his constituency at the busy Krishna Nagar market area. Such air purifiers were earlier installed at Lajpat Nagar and Gandhi Nagar markets through the initiative of the East Delhi MP.

“This purifier may not solve the problem of pollution completely but as someone born and brought up in this city, I cannot just sit at home and let things worsen. “Allowing people to breathe clean air should be the top priority of the government, but the chief minister and his colleagues are not concerned (about it),” he said.

The air purifiers are approximately 12 feet in height and cover an area of 1,000 sq metre. These fully automatic machines deliver two-lakh cubic metre of clean air daily and the schedule for these machines can be pre-determined, said a statement from Gambhir’s office.

The BJP MP has a vision to install giant air purifiers in all major crowded markets in his constituency, it said.

In January this year, Gambhir inaugurated the first giant air purifier in the heart of Lajpat Nagar’s Central Market as a pilot project.

“The air purifier at Krishna Nagar market that witnesses tremendous activity and high footfall will be highly benefited with the air purifier. In terms of technology, the new purifiers are more advanced and have additional features like high mast lights,” the statement said.

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