Mon. Apr 12th, 2021

Status: On Friday, Chief Judge Timothy M. Kenny of Wayne County Circuit Court denied the petition from the pro-Trump side. “It would be an unprecedented exercise of judicial activism for this court to stop the certification process of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers,” Judge Kenny wrote. “Plaintiffs’ interpretation of events is incorrect and not credible.”

Donald J. Trump for President Inc. v. Benson

Filed: Nov. 11

Claim: This is a federal suit that repeats the pending state-court claims of fraud and misconduct in Costantino v. Detroit. The Trump campaign is similarly seeking to block Michigan’s certification of the vote.

The decision to file a second case suggests that the Trump campaign is “trying to try the same case in multiple courtrooms hoping that somebody will provide an endorsement of their baseless conspiracy theories,” said David Fink, an outside lawyer for the city of Detroit.

Context: The plaintiffs submitted more than 230 pages of affidavits from Republican poll challengers. But they described isolated grievances and perceived irregularities, not systemic fraud. “I felt intimidated by union people who were staring at me,” one poll challenger complained. Another said the loud volume of the P.A. system was distracting. A third said a Democratic poll worker told her to “go back to the suburbs, Karen.” A fourth found it suspicious that most of the few dozen ballots he saw counted that were cast by members of the military were votes for Mr. Biden.

Status: Pending.

Bally v. Whitmer

Filed: Nov. 11

Claim: Four voters sought to exclude all of the votes cast in three counties from Michigan’s total based on allegations of fraud and irregularities. Without corroboration, the plaintiffs say that officials counted the ballots of ineligible voters. The complaint also includes unverified accounts of software glitches and dead people voting that circulated on Fox News and The Epoch Times.

Context: This is one of the four suits brought by Mr. Bopp, the conservative lawyer. The suits all claim that the unverified accounts of fraud amount to a violation of the plaintiffs’ right to equal protection, by “diluting” the power of their votes.

Status: On Monday, the suit was dropped.

Donald J. Trump for President Inc. v. Benson

Filed: Nov. 4

Claim: During the ballot counting in Michigan, the Trump campaign sued to stop it. In an affidavit, one poll watcher said another, whom she did not name, told her that she was told by still other poll workers to change the date on which a ballot was received.

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