Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

Last week was another poor one for the Staff, with Payne winning it at 8-6. Pianowski stumbled with a 5-9 mark, and while he remains in first, he’s down to .500. This has to be the latest point in any season no one had a winning record. We also lost our only unanimous pick, the Chargers. 

This week we have three unanimous picks, the Titans, Bengals and Bears. The Bears also happen to be my best bet. 

  Erickson Pianowski Liss Payne Del Don
Colts +2 at Titans Titans Titans Titans Titans Titans
Football Team +3.5 at Lions Football Team Football Team Football Team Lions Lions
Texans +3 at Browns Texans Browns Browns Texans Browns
Jaguars +13.5 at Packers Packers Jaguars Jaguars Packers Jaguars
Eagles -3.5 at Giants Giants Giants Giants Eagles Giants 
Buccaneers -4.5 at Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Buccaneers Panthers
Bengals +7.5 at Steelers Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals
Broncos +5 at Raiders Raiders Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos
Bills +2 at Cardinals Bills Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
Seahawks +1.5 at Rams Seahawks Rams Rams Seahawks Rams
49ers +9 at Saints Saints 49ers Saints 49ers Saints
Chargers +2.5 at Dolphins Dolphins Chargers Dolphins Chargers Chargers
Ravens -7 at Patriots Ravens Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots 
Vikings -2.5 at Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears
Best Bet Raiders Giants Bears 49ers Broncos
Last week’s Record 7-7 5-9 7-7 8-6 7-7
2019 Record 61-71-1 66-66-1 61-71-1 62-70-1 65-67-1
Best Bet Record 4-5 2-7 3-6 5-4 4-5
Unanimous Pick Record 10-11    

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