Thu. May 6th, 2021

Click here to refresh the page and get the very latest updates on where to buy PS5 as soon as stock information comes in. 

If you want to buy a PS5 on Saturday or find it in stock any time this weekend, we’ve created a list of retailers that have recently had a restock of the new Sony console.

Finding a PS5 in stock isn’t easy, but people have been able to buy it from the stores below during the US and Australia launch on November 12. The UK launch is next week, November 19, so we may see more PlayStation 5 restock soon.

PS5 Walmart inventory seems to be the best hope in the US, but we’ve also seen it sold on Amazon and Best Buy, so don’t just rely on one store to buy the PS5. Check them all and keep refreshing.

Here are some proven tips to buy a PS5:

Click the store links below throughout the day (and weeks), as you may find PS5 in stock at any moment. Sometimes it’s scheduled, but often restock happens randomly.

Add something else to your shopping cart first. One readers told us this helped them buy the PS5 this week and, really, anything is worth trying at this point in time. Finally, have your information in place, including your updating shipping address. This reduces the wait time for having to purchase the PS5.

You may have to wait until Black Friday. GameStop announced it will have more PS5 in stock then. Other retailers will follow suit, so it’s worth remembering that if you miss stock updates between now and then you might have another chance to buy PS5 on November 27.

In the UK? You’ll be able to buy PS5 from Thursday November 19, so you’ll want to bookmark our full guide on where to buy PS5 if you’re getting ready for the UK launch.

While there isn’t likely to be any Black Friday deals for PS5, if you can’t buy a PS5 today, you may see retailers (like GameStop) have it in stock November 27 and on Cyber Monday three days later. It’s a clever way to get you onto their websites.

PS5: Check latest stock updates at Amazon
Everyone’s waiting for PS5 stock to drop at Amazon, which means you’ll want to be one of the first in line when it does. As a massive online retailer, Amazon may well have more stock to play with today so we’ll keep this link here in case consoles go live soon.
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PS5: Check for stock updates at Best Buy
We were previously seeing this Best Buy PS5 stock spring back to life with a few refreshes however it seems inventory has run dry here. The retailer announced that it would be reloading its stock every few minutes to give everyone a chance to bag one but we’ve since seen things quieten down. We’d keep an eye here, though, as more stock flashes may appear in the next hour.
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Where to buy PS5

If you need to know where to buy PS5 quickly, and chances are you do, you’ll find all the latest PS5 stock updates from retailers likely to carry day one units just below. Keep checking these links as you never know when more consoles will hit the shelves. 

Where to buy PS5 Digital Edition

So far we’ve seen the PS5 Digital Edition selling out faster in the US, which is to be expected as it’s the cheaper console and sold extremely quickly over the pre-order period. We’re bringing you all the latest information on where to buy PS5 Digital Edition just below, so keep checking those links.

Where to buy PS5 accessories

With a new console comes new accessories and while we’ve seen some of these peripherals in stock for pre-order since that first launch window all those weeks ago, others have been more difficult to get hold of. You’ll find plenty of stock available if you’re looking to buy PS5 controllers or HD cameras to go with your new system, and even some tasty discounts on PS5 games as well.

Many, however, are wondering where to buy PS5 Pulse 3D headsets right now. Stock has been low so far, but we have seen some units available at Amazon today. These sold fast, though, so you’ll want to keep checking in here to be one of the first in line when the next stock refresh lands.

PS5 DualSense controller: $69.99 at Amazon
Amazon has the PS5 DualSense controller in stock for $69.99 right now – but we don’t know how long this inventory will last as the day goes on so we’d place your order sooner rather than later. 

You’ll also find the PS5 controller in stock at Best Buy for the same price right now as well.
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PS5 Pulse 3D headset: $99.99 at Amazon
It’s been pretty difficult to buy the PS5 Pulse 3D headset so far, but Amazon has had a stock refresh on the official headphones. It is now out of stock, unfortunately – though we’d keep checking in for more updates and keep an eye on Best Buy for another chance as well.
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PS5 DualSense charging station: $29.99 at Best Buy
Best Buy has the PS5 DualSense charging station available for store pickup in a number of locations right now. However, you can also grab one at GameStop if you’d prefer to have it delivered.
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PS5 HD camera: $59.99 at Amazon
If you’re looking to use your PlayStation VR headset with your brand new PS5 you’ll want to pick up the HD camera accessory straight away. Thankfully, Amazon is one of the few retailers with this particular peripheral in stock today.
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Save $10 on select PS5 games: From $49.99 at Amazon
Certain PS5 games are $10 off at Amazon right now. You’ll find some of these titles also available for less in Best Buy’s Member Rewards program below, but some different games are included in Amazon’s own discounts – including Spider-Man: Miles Morales, for example.
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Best Buy members save $10 on select PS5 games: $59.99 $49.99 at Best Buy
My Best Buy members can also receive $10 back in rewards when they buy PS5 games today. That means you can stock your collection for less right now and be well prepared for your new console. If you’re not already a member it’s both free and easy to sign up and to cancel.
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Where to buy PS5: which retailers will have stock?

There are a few retailers who are likely to be offering up the chance to buy PS5 today, so getting ahead of the game and keeping an eye on the stores below will put you in a good position for grabbing those flashes of stock. 

These retailers were all offering PS5 pre-orders all those weeks ago, making them good bets for new stock at launch and are also large enough to potentially offer up a decent amount of consoles on the shelves. For up to date stock information on where to buy PS5, we’d recommend checking the quick links above.

Amazon had a split second of stock when the PS5 first launched its pre-orders, but continued to roll out more units throughout the days that followed. That means this is one you’ll want to keep an eye on throughout the release window – plus you can grab fast, free delivery if you’re a Prime member as well.
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Best Buy
Best Buy had a solid PS5 stock level compared to other retailers last time these consoles were available to order. Over the Xbox launch earlier this week, Best Buy was discounting controllers with the purchase of a console so we might even see discounts on Sony’s side in the future as well.
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Newegg announced earlier that it would have PS5 stock ready to buy at launch, however it will be on back-order. We saw a brief flash of stock that quickly ran out in under a minute at midnight on launch day, so stay tuned for more updates.  
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GameStop was the first retailer offering the chance to buy PS5 at launch. While the individual consoles sold out pretty quickly, we saw higher value bundles lasting a little longer. These offers do exceed the usual PS5 price, but you’re getting your money’s worth in accessories and games so it’s a good bet if you’re looking to go all out on day one.
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Walmart had the PS5 for its first launch date, November 12, and spread out the restock over the course of nine hours. There’s no telling when America’s top retailer will have PS5 back in stock, but it’s smartly feeding into the hype with a drip-drip-drip schedule.
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If you’re really struggling to buy PS5, there is another option. StockX is a marketplace retailer that allows sellers to post an asking price, buyers to post a buying price and an immediate transaction when both requests match. Prices are, obviously, a little higher here, but unlike eBay StockX ships all products to its warehouse for inspection before sending them on to you. We’d recommend waiting this first wave of stock out a little longer, but if you’re desperate there’s plenty of stock making it a reliable option today.
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Where to buy PS5 in Australia

Amazon AU

The world’s largest retailer is in a similar boat as it was during the earlier round of pre-orders – it’s already stopped taking pre-orders, and did so shortly after they went live. They may have more pre-order stock available but it won’t be launch day stock, if you’re lucky you’ll get it before the end of the year.View Deal

The Gamesmen

Although The Gamesmen (Aussie independent games retailer)  announced on Twitter that it’ll have pre-order stock at 10am, the site currently appears to be down. Keep checking back in to see if you can get your hands on something.

EB Games

While EB Games was one of the first retailers to sell out, they also offered 2021 pre-orders of the console for quite a while, but even those appear to be currently out of stock. Yet again, this doesn’t mean there won’t be any more chances today to score a pre-order, so keep checking in with them to try your chances.

JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi Australia – one of the country’s largest tech retail outlets – is in the same boat as many, with pre-order stock (even for the December shipment) currently out of stock. With that said, stock seems to fluctuate regularly, so keep checking in to see if you can score a console.

Sony Online

As with most places, even Sony itself is out of stock currently. It’s just as good an option as other retailers in terms of price (full RRP) and free shipping, but you’ll need ot keep checking back in for when they get more stock. 

Where to buy PS5 in Canada

Where to buy PS5 FAQs

When will you be able to buy PS5?

We saw PS5 stock live at midnight on release day, and refreshes have been (sparsely) rolling out over the course of the day. Every retailer has now launched its first wave of stock, but you never know when more units will be available. We’d recommend checking back frequently to be in with the best chance of grabbing that next-gen console.

How to buy PS5 when stock lands

When PS5 stock does arrive, how do you make sure it’s yours? If you’re well positioned you can make the most of that first opportunity to buy PS5 and leap ahead of the crowds, but of course that’s easier said than done. There are some things you can do beforehand, however, to make sure you’re not left wondering where to buy PS5 much longer.

1. Find your retailers
Use the list above to keep checking your retailers alongside our constant stock updates to make sure you’re always clued in on where to buy PS5 at any given moment. We’d recommend prioritising larger retailers as they’re the most likely to offer up more PS5 stock and are also already set up for fast shipping as well. 

2. Prepare your wallet
We’re sure you’ve already prepared to spend some cash, but having your details at the ready will save you valuable time when that first wave of stock hits. Better yet, if you’re comfortable saving your payment details or using PayPal you’re in for a much less stressful experience.

3. Sign in
If you already have an account with select retailers, be sure to sign in ahead of launch. Not only will you save time adding your email address and shipping information later on, but it makes tracking your order a lot easier as well. Of course, if you’re not comfortable signing in or creating an account, keep your email address and shipping information handy for a quick copy and paste when you’re against the clock.

4. Find the product page
We’ll be linking you straight to the product page of either the PS5 or the PS5 Digital Edition when stock does arrive. However, if you’re going it alone you’ll want to make sure you’re on the correct product page ahead of time to avoid spending those crucial seconds searching for the PS5 itself on a retailer website. Plus, if demand skyrockets, sites run the risk of crashing which can be particularly frustrating if you’re still trying to navigate the virtual aisles. 

5. Don’t give up
If all is going to plan but stock runs out at the final hurdle don’t give up. Over the pre-order period, and during the Xbox launch, we were seeing stock flashing in and out within seconds which means a speedy refresh can propel you straight to the front of the line as stock becomes available again. This goes for those wondering where to buy PS5 later in the day as well. 

Will there be more chances to buy PS5?

If you missed out on launch day itself, don’t panic. We’ve seen more Xbox stock launching after Microsoft’s own initial launch earlier in the week, so it’s likely retailers will offer up more chances to buy PS5 over the coming days. These opportunities will all be equally competitive, however, so you’ll want to stay tuned for the latest updates right here. 

Should you buy PS5 now?

The PS5 launch is unlike any release Sony has seen before. With unprecedented demand, limited shipping options, and a whole host of further issues resulting from the global pandemic, there’s little wonder PS5 stock is so scarce right now. 

We would usually suggest waiting a little while to buy PS5 for the best price – be that through gradual discounts or (more likely) bundle offers that include extra games for discounted prices after release. However, 2020 has been a year like no other and we would be extremely surprised to see options to buy PS5 bundles (for discounted prices that is) before the holidays. Plus, with some retailers pushing their PS5 pre-orders to 2021, these stock shortages may well last longer than the initial release window. 

All of that means we would recommend trying your hardest to buy PS5 today or in the next few days. We don’t know what availability will look like moving forwards, and you’ll want to get your order in as early as possible for timely shipping. 

What is the PS5 price?

The PS5 price is $499 (£449 / AU$749.95). That puts it at the same price point as the Xbox Series X, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise to many, seeing as it’s difficult to imagine the PS5 price exceeding $500 when it’s up against the affordable spread put out by Microsoft.

However, the cheaper PS5 Digital Edition price is $399.99 (£359.99 / AU$599.95), which does flag some concerns considering the Xbox Series S’s $299 price tag. However, the PS5 Digital Edition will run the same specs as the fully-fledged console, further cementing its position in the market as a high value for money option. 

That means bargain hunters can still experience everything the PS5 has to offer while foregoing the opportunity to play physical PS4 and PS5 games or save cash by buying in the second-hand market. It’s an excellent proposition that will certainly capture those going for sheer value for money at launch.

Should you buy PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition?

Sony is sending two next-gen consoles to the shelves today – the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition. The version you buy will ultimately come down to one question; do you want to use disks? 

The cheaper $399 PS5 Digital Edition doesn’t offer a disk drive, but unlike the Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s own digital only console, it runs the same specs as its fully fledged sibling. That means you’ll be able to play PS5 games at the same quality for $100 less. 

However, that SSD will fill up quickly and if you’ve already got a substantial PS4 game collection (PS5 is backwards compatible with a vast supply of previous generation titles) then it might be worth thinking about springing for the more expensive version. 

However, it’s difficult to find out where to buy PS5 right now, with retailers launching incredibly limited numbers of consoles into the wild. If you absolutely want to buy PS5 today then, it might come down to which console you find in stock. 

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