Sun. May 16th, 2021

One might think that as the season moves along we’d see more teams deciding on a single lead back and fewer deploying committees. But if you thought that, you’d be wrong, as six different teams had three running backs get significant playing time in Week 9. On top of that, seven other teams split their touches pretty evenly between two players, leaving us with only 13 teams where one guy had a commanding share of the opportunities.

And even then, well-established workhorses like Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs and Ezekiel Elliott saw their backups handle more snaps and touches than they had in previous weeks. Dalvin Cook, on the other hand, seems to have fully resigned his backup to mop-up duty. And, in other news, the Week 9 snap leaders were just who you’d expect…. Chase Edmonds, J.D. McKissic and Duke Johnson — true NFL royalty, the lot of them.

I guess my point, if I even have one, is that this would be an especially good week to read Backfield Breakdown. And what do you know, you’re already in the right place!

Week 9 RB Leaderboard

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