Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

Senator Patrick Colbeck is an aerospace engineer, author, former elected official, and former candidate for governor in Michigan. Colbeck served for two terms as Michigan state senator from the northwestern portion of Wayne County, which includes Detroit.

On Tuesday Senator Colbeck went to serve his community as a GOP poll watcher at the TCF Center in downtown Detroit. Senator Colbeck was at the TCF Center for 24 hours until around 5 PM on Wednesday night.

On Monday The Gateway Pundit spoke with Senator Patrick Colbeck about his experiences at the TCF.

Senator Colbeck told TGP that while serving as a poll challenger he observed the computers in the TCF were all connected to the internet. Senator Colbeck asked David Natham to scroll over the LAN connection icon but Nathan refused to do this. That would have shown whether the computers were connected to the internet.

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Colbeck later examined the physical cabling connections between all of the computers in the facility. The IT technician on the stage actively discouraged any close-up observation of the network.

Patrick drew this diagram of what he witnessed at the TCF Center.
Note: There were no observed ethernet connections for Electronic Poll Books at AV Counting Boards, but Wi-Fi Routers were present with attached active Wi-Fi networks in area including one called “AV_Connect” and a separate one for “CPSStaff” which were both of sufficient signal strength to be accessed outside the Counting Board.

And Patrick sent us a photo taken inside the TCF of the alleged computer internet connections.

TGP spoke with Senator Colbeck earlier today.

Senator Colbeck later gave sworn testimony describing his experiences at the TCF Center in Detroit from November 3 – November 4.

Colbeck Affidavit by The Epoch Times

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