Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

The secretary-general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Saturday said he “warmly welcomes” President-elect Joseph R. Biden’s victory.

Jens Stoltenberg in a statement said he is looking “forward to working very closely with President-elect Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and the new administration to further strengthen the bond between North America and Europe.”

“A strong NATO is good for North America and good for Europe,” Mr. Stoltenberg said.

“Together, NATO Allies represent almost one billion people, half of the world’s economic might and half of the world’s military might,” he continued.

President Trump during his time in office made it a key point to urge fellow NATO allies to increase their financial contributions to the alliance to at least 2% of gross domestic product by 2024.

Mr. Stoltenberg called on the alliance “to deal with the many challenges we face, including a more assertive Russia, international terrorism, cyber and missile threats, and a shift in the global balance of power with the rise of China. We can only be secure and successful if we face these challenges together.”

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