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A Compustar remote start system with installation included and discounts on car jump starters, tire inflators, and air purifiers lead Sunday’s best deals.

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Featured Deal: $350 off Eight Sleep Pod Mattresses | Promo Code KINJA350

In our reader-sourced list of the best mattresses to buy earlier this year, the 11-inch thick Eight Sleep Pod was listed third for its “ability to cool/heat the bed throughout the night.” With the help of a free app for Android and iOS, the Pod is a smart mattress which brings two-zone temperature control straight to your bed so you and your partner can stay cozy all night long without fighting over the sheets. Built-in sleep tracking lets you know the quality of your sleep and how long each stage lasted, as well as the total number of hours spent catching Z’s throughout the night.

Pod Pro, a step up from the Pod, and the more popular option, according to Eight Sleep, adds an adaptive room climate and weather response option, health and HRV monitoring, GentleRise wake-up technology, and a more comfortable integrated topper that makes it an inch thicker. Lastly, the newer Pod Pro Max appends an additional layer of cushion. All three Pod mattresses are $350 off on the Eight Sleep website using the promo code KINJA350. Additionally, Kinja Deals readers can save 20% on all Sleep Pod accessories with the same coupon, and entering it while checking out with the Sleep Pod Cover we recently praised in your cart shaves $250 off your sum total.

Get ready to get comfy and treat yourself today.

The first day of winter isn’t until next month, but it’s not too early to think about how you can make your life easier this chilly season. For me, not having to will myself to get into a freezing cold car on an early winter morning falls under that category.

Today you can get remote start installed in your car for a steal with this Compustar 2-way remote start system, down to $260 with installation included. That’s a $190 discount.

There may be an additional cost if your car needs a T-harness to make this system compatible. I checked with my car specs, and it looks like an additional $32 if I were to get this deal, just as an example of what to expect. You will be prompted to enter your car’s make and model information before checking out to be sure that this remote start system is compatible with your vehicle and it will show you then if there is any added cost.

According to Best Buy: “Product price includes charges for professional installation. To avoid any impact on your warranty, remote start systems with firmware activation must be installed by an MECP-certified technician. Remote start with T-harness installation includes mounting of antenna and hood switch, connecting/concealing wiring and a demo of the product’s features.”

For me, living in Minnesota, having remote start installed has saved me literally hours of work over the past couple of years scraping ice from my windshield. And as I’ve said, you can’t underestimate how much a toasty car helps make your morning a little better. Get it before it’s gone and feel the difference for yourself!

This deal was originally published by Elizabeth Lanier in September 2020 and was updated with new information on 11/8/2020.

Available for only a limited time today and at a limited quantity, this Rii X8 wireless keyboard controller with touchpad is down to just $15 as an Amazon Lightning Deal.

Normally $22, this mini keyboard has an RGB color scheme and is very easy to set up. Just plug the USB into your Fire TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, laptop, Raspberry Pi 2, Mac OS, Xbox 360, PS3, or Google Android TV box, and you’re good to go.

This deal is already partly claimed, so jump on it while you still can!

If you’re looking for a solid smart tv option, this TCL 43-inch 1080p LED smart tv should get the job done. Down to $190, this television has built-in Roku, so you can watch all your favorite streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now, and others straight out of the box.

It is also compatible with Alexa devices if you would like to be able to control it using voice commands. This tv has an average review rating of 4.6/5 stars across just under 25,000 ratings, so this is a deal worth considering while it lasts.

n his roundup of the best VPNs at Gizmodo, Andrew Couts called NordVPN “fast and easy to use,” citing accessibility and affordability as reasons to subscribe. Though it’s almost always marked down from its $287 list price, the 2-year plan is nonetheless the cheapest option to get started with the service and continue using it long-term. For a limited time only, though, it’s not only 68% off, bringing your total to just $89 for 730 days, but it also comes with an extra plan on top of that—chosen at random by the Nordic gods—using the promo code KINJAGIFT through December 1.

Couts says in his abbreviated review:

No matter what you pay, you’ll get access to more than 5,400 servers in more than 60 countries, a bunch of features you may or may not want, and, because the company is based in Panama, assurances that your data—or lack of data, as the case may be—is outside of U.S. and European jurisdictions. Like every other VPN on this list, NordVPN claims to have a “strict no-logs policy,” so most of your data isn’t collected, the company says. It does still collect your email address, payment information, and the timestamp of the last time you launched the VPN.

But NordVPN isn’t without its downsides. “…some researchers have found that it sends your email address and Google Ad ID to a marketing company when you register through the Android app and contains some trackers,” Couts explains. “Another downside is that some of NordVPN’s servers are rented, which means another company you need to trust is in the mix. And yes, one of those servers got hacked in 2018.”

Still, if you want the one of the most reliable VPN clients, with the budget to support its robust infrastructure, you can’t go wrong with NordVPN. Plus, with availability on virtually every platform you can think of—from macOS to Android TV—it’s equal parts ubiquitous and acclaimed. Endorsed by PCMag, Wired, CNET, Business Insider, and more, it may be time to board the Nord hype train if you’re somehow unwedded to a VPN already.

Everything I’ve tested from Treblab I’ve loved. They are made beautifully, have killer sound, and the price is extremely reasonable. If you’ve been thinking about trying wireless earbuds these are an excellent pair for price and quality. For the next week take $20 off the Xfit Wireless Earbuds. Just use the code TuneOn40 at checkout.

All the products I’ve had from Treblab are comfy and I wear all of them for hours on end when reviewing and writing. They really think about long wear and ergonomics when they’re designing, even with small wireless earbuds. These can be easily controlled with a single multifunction button. You can control volume, when to play or not, and also take calls. I can tell you the built-in mics are perfect for phone calls, skypes, and zooms. I’ve never had someone not be able to hear or understand me when using Treblab items. These pair quickly and without issue to your chosen device via Bluetooth. The range is also crazy. I walk downstairs in my apartment and still have a pretty strong connection when I leave my phone upstairs. They will play for about 30 hours with the charging case and it takes under an hour for a full charge. They are sleek and sweatproof so no worries if you have an active lifestyle, they’ll fit right in.

Free shipping for Prime members and this deal will run until November 15.

At Amazon, a Sony TV that debuted at $1,500 just months ago is now down to $948. Best Buy has it for another $2 if you prefer ordering there. This 4K TV features all the usual Sony buzzwords to indicate it’s up to snuff, including HDR, MotionFlow for improved refresh rates to cut down on ghosting and blur in fast scenes, and the ever-capable X1 processor that consistently delivers an impressive picture across Sony’s range. It has Android TV with Google Assistant support, too.

You’ve probably heard someone over the years say “Every time I buy an iPhone, Apple announces a new one a week later.” That feeling of just missing a better deal, whether it’s an upgraded model that’s just come out, or a steep discount on that pricey gadget that’s been sitting on your wishlist for too wrong, is a real bummer.

Sometimes, you may just have to stomach that feeling of being duped if you’ve already pulled the trigger, but Newegg’s new Black November program lets you secure your most-wanted gizmos without having to worry that deals season will bring forth a better discount you can’t take advantage of. With the program, you can buy anything from the sale’s landing page and be sure that, should a better deal come along, you’ll automatically get a refund for the difference in price. It’s a kind of clunky solution, but savings are savings nonetheless.

This deal might sound too good to be true, so there’s a few things worth considering. The program lasts through November 22, so there’s no accounting for any potential deals after that, and your refund may not be processed until December 7, so budget accordingly and don’t count on having that extra spending money right away. That said, if the price goes down multiple times, you won’t have to worry about getting incremental refunds, so the discounts will all be lumped into one payment. Again, kinda clunky, but not something you need to worry about too much.

Some eligible products have a grey badge to indicate they’re part of the program, while others have orange text that’s easier to miss.

Some eligible products have a grey badge to indicate they’re part of the program, while others have orange text that’s easier to miss.
Image: Jordan McMahon

Be careful, though, because not every eligible product has the big grey badge letting you know it’s protected; some simply have some orange text that’s deceptively easy to miss.

Additionally, this only applies to products with the “Price Protection” badge, and there’s no way to know if there will actually be any additional discounts, so keep that in mind as you’re doing your holiday shopping.

If that’s all well and good, there’s some solid products you can snag right now, and the discounts are good enough that you won’t be too miffed if a steeper discount doesn’t roll by. You can grab this 32″ 720p Samsung TV for about $150, and while you won’t be getting the crispiest playback, that won’t matter too much if you’re mostly watching reruns of Kitchen Nightmares. Bose’s QuietComfort 35 headphones are $100 off, bringing them down to $200. The company’s SoundLink Color II wireless speaker, which comes in some nifty colors, is also $30 off right now. If you’re looking for some extra pixels to stare at, LG’s Ultrawide 34″ 3440 x 1440 monitor is down from $900 to $600, which isn’t too bad for the real estate you’re getting.

There’s a good chance you know someone who has a pair of AirPods, and you have been wanting to be a part of the group. Thanks to Prime Day, there’s a good chance you can be.

At $99, Apple’s AirPods with Wired Charging Case are the lowest they’ve ever been. Especially if 2020 is the year you are upgrading to the newest iPhone 12 line, these will perfectly complement the device, with its touch controls and sensors that pause tracks when you take an AirPod out.

Movie nights with loved ones are a great way to pass the time. If you’re keeping your circle small or still sticking to those you co-habitat with I’m sure Netflix and Hulu have been given a run for their money. I’ve been looking into a projector because I’m lucky enough to have a backyard and a roommate who thought setting up a project for our weekend hangs with the same five people we see might be cool. The RCA 480P LCD Home Theater Projector is just $49 for the next few days.

RCA is a great storied brand and this projector continues that tradition of excellence. This is the definition of tiny and mighty as it gives you a screen size of 30″ all the way up to 150″. That’s literally huge. There are two HDMI ports to connect to Blu-ray/DVD players, streaming devices, and even gaming consoles. The resolution is 480p as the name points out but it does support 1080p content with an HDMI connection. The speaker is powerful and the cooling fan is quiet for the best viewing experience possible. Add this projector to your streaming setup, pop some popcorn, and have the ultimate movie night under the stars.

If you have the motherboard and CPU to support it, Patriot’s Viper 4 memory is some of the fastest you can get, and Amazon has a 16GB kit (2x 8GB sticks) 15% off. That’s a $20 reduction for a $110 total. These modules run at up to 4400MHz with automatic overclocking for those not bold enough to do it on their own.

I’ve tested Mpow products in the past and was always pleasantly surprised at the value to price ratio. They’re quality without breaking the bank. A Prime Day treat from the company is their M30 IPX8 Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds. They’re just $28 when you clip the coupon. This discount will appear once you start the checkout process.

$28 is a great price for an extra set of earbuds. If you’re running errands or just running and you don’t want to take your most expensive buds on the go these are for you. Quick to pair and easy to bounce between tunes and calls. The M30’s are noise-canceling so ideal for travel and just because they are small and fit snuggly doesn’t mean there’s no power in them. Little buds, big bass. They’re sweat-proof so sport it up and fear not about ruining them. You’ll get about 5 hours off of one charge but 25 hours with the charging case. The only blip is if you’re an Android user you have to adjust the volume on your phone to “maximum” first to get the highest volume out of these. Other than that it’s a solid audio device at a solid price.

How many USB ports does one need? As many as they can get these days. Everything needs a charge or transfer, and with this AUKEY 7-in-1 hub, everything will have it. There are three USB 3.1 ports, a USB-C port with 100W Power Delivery for Macbook charging, ethernet, 4K HDMI, and a card reader, all packed into one sleek little puck. It’s only $19 at Amazon when you clip the coupon and apply promo code 2DHRJ3CB.

If you’re in search of an ultra portable laptop that doesn’t sneeze at heavy tasks, consider this deal on an ASUS ZenBook 14 at Newegg. Now $50 off, your total is $850 for an ultra-slim 14-inch laptop sporting an AMD Ryzen 7 mobile CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD, and a 1080p pixel count shining at 250 nits of brightness. There’s also an IR camera for face unlock and Zoom calls. Sadly, this thing kicks the 3.5mm headphone jack to the curb, but ASUS includes a dongle to add that functionality back if you desire. Check out the full rundown over at Newegg.

If you’re serious about your music and you can’t trust your smartphone’s puny speakers to satisfy, you want a portable speaker, and the JBL Xtreme 2 is one of the best on the market. With a rare discount bringing it to $150 (it cost $350 once upon a time), this speaker promises loud and clear performance with its 40W drivers and dual passive radiators. With an IPX7 rating, the Xtreme 2 can survive a day by the pool for up to 15 hours before it needs charging. Find it at the likes of Best Buy and Amazon.

Getting a Nintendo Switch has been tough the last few months, but if you’ve been able to get your hands on one, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of room to store games. There’s no shortage of microSD cards to choose from, but this SanDisk 400 GB microSD Card strikes a pretty great balance between price, storage capacity, and speed, especially given it’s down to $45 at Amazon right now.

With that out of the way, you’ll be able to grab as many games as you please without worrying you’ll hit your limit.

Investing in a quality desk or gaming chair shouldn’t just be an aesthetic change for your space, you should find one with the right lumbar support. You can get that without sacrificing style with Newegg’s limited-time deal on Dowinx gaming chairs right now.

The base color for all of the options is sleek black, and the chairs with purple, red, blue, white, and grey accents are all 43 to 44% off right now. This brings most of them down to a low of just $167, which is even cheaper than they go for on Amazon.

The chairs also have a massage feature in the lumbar support pillow which is powered via USB, so you can relax fully while you game or work. This deal is only good for today, since it’s one of Newegg’s Shell Shocker deals for Sunday.

The Nintendo Switch was designed to be easy to use whether you’re in your living room with it docked to your TV or while on-the-go, and you can make the latter even easier with a carrying case designed to protect your console and your games.

First up, these cases are inspired by the Sheikah Slate of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and come in a few colors.

The best deal is the red one which you can grab for just $9. The purple one that I personally have my eye on is a bit more at $14. The brown that looks closest to Link’s actual Slate is going for $17.

Also on sale right now is this Switch case that features Link on it and includes a cleaning cloth and screen protector, only $15 today.

With news that we may not see many significant updates for the galactic dogfighting game Star Wars: Squadrons, we don’t blame you if you’ve been holding out for a discount. With a fun multiplayer but short campaign, the game is already appropriately priced at $40 out of the lightyear gate, but it falls another $25 on PS4 and Xbox One. You’ll get a digital code redeemable on the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store, respectively.

Like the PC version, PS4 and Xbox One players get the best immersion possible with support HOTAS flight sticks, though VR functionality is exclusive to PlayStation. The entire game is playable from the perspective of an aerial cockpit. Stap in and take off at your earliest convenience.

This story was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer on 10/26/2020 and updated by Gabe Carey with new information on 11/06/2020.

Nearing the end of your PlayStation Plus subscription? It would normally cost you $60, but today at Eneba, you can add a whole year to your account for just $29, the full discount only applying with promo code WEEKUNTILPS5. PlayStation Plus is required for online play and cloud saves, but there are other premium benefits like access to a growing list of quality games, exclusive discounts, and Share Play built into the cost.

For instance, this month you can play Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition, and the freebies will continue rolling for the PlayStation 5 (if you can even get your hands on one). Bugsnax is set to be the first PS5 game offered with the subscription.

Sports gamers, it’s time to live it up a little. Madden NFL 21 is currently over 50% off off at $28 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

EA Sports UFC 4 is also discounted by the same amount on Xbox One, but curiously, PS4 buyers will need to pay an extra $10. You never know when you’ll feel like kicking someone’s head in.

Sorry basketball fans: NBA 2K21 is a bit higher right now at $50. That’s true for all physical, current-gen console copies except for the Nintendo Switch version, which is $43.

And don’t forget that FIFA 21 also went on sale just yesterday, giving you an opportunity to score a gooooooooaaal for $30 just a month after launch.

I have a problem with my PC headset. Due to the location of the volume wheel, when the wire presses against my desk it can all too easily be pushed up or down, leading to frustrating miscommunications or eardrum blowouts. It’s a crapshoot, really. Corsair’s HS60 headset has the volume dial on the earcup itself, which makes it so that it won’t get bumped in the middle of a game, and that’s honestly enough for me to pick it up while it’s on sale for $50.

But, that’s not all the HS60 offers—there is also some noise-canceling technology you can use to REALLY focus on the game, and the headset works with PC and all gaming consoles. So really, this is an awesome deal!

Dirt 5 (PC) | $50 | Eneba | Use code DIRTYNOV

Dirt 5 (PC) | $50 | Eneba | Use code DIRTYNOV
Screenshot: Codemasters

Dirt 5 is set to launch in just a couple of short days, but order through Eneba (PC-only) and you can save $10 on your purchase. You’ll only get the savings with discount code DIRTYNOV.

With over 70 tracks and a huge list of cars, Dirt 5 is positioned to be a dream game for rally racing fanatics. A star-studded campaign has you climbing the ladder to solidify your status as the offroading champion of the world, while an all new Playgrounds mode fosters creativity with user-created tracks and racing arenas.

Oh, did I mention this deal includes Amplified Edition content? Here’s what that includes:

  • Three days early access;
  • Ford F-150 Raptor PreRunner by Deberti Design;
  • Ariel Nomad Tactical;
  • Audi TT Safari;
  • VW Beetle Rallycross;
  • Three exclusive player sponsors with fresh objectives, rewards and liveries;
  • Currency and XP earning boosts;
  • Access to all post launch content, including a minimum of 12 cars, 60 Career events, new player sponsors with fresh rewards and liveries, and more items for features yet to be revealed.

Eneba has the goods. Again, use promo code DIRTYNOV.

Whether you’re new to Kingdom Hearts or you’re interested in owning all the games at the best quality, the Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package is a fantastic deal. It includes ten Kingdom Hearts experiences, including games and cinematic content, and Amazon has it for just $30 today, the lowest it’s ever been. Here’s everything you’ll get in the package:

  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearths Re: Chain of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (HD Remastered cinematics)
  • Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:code (HD Remastered cinematics)
  • Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep – a fragmentary passage
  • Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover (movie)
  • Kingdom Hearts III

I may be alone in this, but I’d buy it for Chain of Memories alone. That game was dope, and I don’t care who cares.

Launched a couple months back, the new LEGO Super Mario line delivered a unique twist to the building block template, letting you use a screen-and-sensor equipped Mario figure to play through interactive obstacle courses. And they made a whole bunch of different add-on sets to recreate familiar moments from the legendary games.

While the core, required starter set remains at the full price of $60, many of the larger expansions are currently 20% off, including the Guarded Fortress Expansion, Mario’s House and Yoshi Expansion, and Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion Set. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for holiday gifts, now’s the time to strike.

Now that the cold months are here and the clocks have ticked over many of us are headed back indoors to our small social circles. If like me you have a handful of people you see regularly and have game nights this is a great one to add to the rotation. Obama Llama: The Celebrity Rhyming Party Game is 40% off and you only need 4 people to play.

This is a rhyming charade game. You’ll act out and/or mime celebrity rhymes to your team to help them figure out who the person/thing is. Each is timed and you rack up points by uncovering the rhyming pair cards. Now you will have to have a group of friends a bit in the know of pop culture from a few different decades. This is a game very heavy on media references and celebrity names. But this is sure for a night of fun with some clever friends. I can’t wait for you to act out a “Yeti eating spaghetti.”

Free one-day shipping for Prime members.

There’s a big sale on arts and crafts kits and supplies at Amazon today, bringing items from top-quality brands like Crayola and Klutz down by up to 50%.

I know these are meant for kids, but the Klutz Make Your Own Bath Bombs Craft & Activity Kit looks pretty fun for just $10. And this Crayola art case filled with 140 coloring supplies seems like a good item to have on hand for many households, just in case creativity strikes.

This kinetic sand Zen kit, by contrast, was specifically made for adults, so you can find your chill for just $21.

Sets inspired by popular characters like this Crayola Frozen 2 art case ($17) seem like they would make great holiday gifts for any youngins in your life.

Check out more supplies and artsy gifts below, and you can find the full list of sale items for the Amazon Gold Box deal on arts and crafts kits right here.

There are certain items that can bring you peace of mind on the road— and lucky for you there are some great deals on some of these essential items that can help you feel prepared (and maybe help you breathe easier, too).

Of course, you know a car jump starter is the kind of thing that increases infinitely in value as soon as you need it. Maybe the best deal of the Tacklife Amazon Gold Box/Holiday Dash limited-time deal today is the TACKLIFE 2000A peak car jump starter for 43% off, bringing it down to $63. There are several other options for jump starters on a fantastic discount though if this is not quite a fit for your budget or automobile.

With the winter coming, I find that I need to inflate my tires more often in the cold weather months and I’d like to be prepared. This TACKLIFE X1 handheld tire inflator is both rechargeable and cordless, and can make this more frequent obligation happen more conveniently (and sanitarily) than using a gas station’s air pump. Plus, it’s only $35 today because of the special holiday deal. There are some even cheaper options as well. This TACKLIFE ACP1B 12V DC digital tire inflator is 51% off today ($24).

Finally, while you’re putting fresh air in your tires, you might want to consider some fresh air for your car or truck’s cabin, too. You can get this ZERLA car ionic air purifier which releases ozone and negative ions, killing/removing irritants and foul odors, like bacteria, smoke, pollen, and dust, and leaving a pleasant aroma behind. You just have to plug it into your car’s lighter plug, and it even provides USBs for you.

Many of the reviews are positive, and you can get it for just $16 right now with promo code SN2MUM3X. If you want something a little heavier duty that could still work well for your car, promo code KITK6A2E will get you 40% off this anion air purifier, and you can also clip a $5 coupon on the page, bringing it down to $55. These promo codes are only valid through November 13.

Keeping things clean should be high up on your list. Since we will be spending more time indoors and at home again soon why not keep your house in tip-top shape? The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum is here to help. Take 51% off it today and get your home back in tip-top shape.

This bagless vacuum is nimble, strong, and can tackle even the toughest dust lurking in hard to get places. With anti-allergen tech and a HEPA filter give you and the dwellers of your home some relief from sneeze inducing matter. If you’ve got a few pets you know fur can collect in hard to reach places. The pet multi-tool is perfect if you have a wire-haired animal. It’s a challenge to get that off sofas and upholstery. The crevice tool aids with other above-floor areas too. It’s time for a heavy-duty winter clean and the Shark was quite literally made for this. With its smartly designed swivel steering maneuverability around and under furniture is simple. There is also a self-cleaning brushroll to take out both human and pet hair with no wrap around to slow it down. Let this Shark bite through dust, dirt, and debris and return your house to cozy and clean. This comes with a 5-year limited warranty as well.

This sale is expected to run until Sunday. This item will ship for free.

Get your fill of needed kitchenware before the holidays at Amazon. For a short time, you can grab tea kettles, grills, roasters, salt and pepper shakers, and so much more for 30% off their original list price. Why not become the chef you want to be? Grab em’ before they’re gone!

Good coffee shouldn’t cost and an arm and a leg. Making it in the comfort of your own home too, given everything, is a huge plus. For the rest of the day save 24% on Homendless’ Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker.

If you live alone or are concerned with wasting pricey coffee the K-cup is the way to go. This single-serve maker can do that and more. It’ll get you that quality selected java of your choice brewed in 2 minutes and ensures each cup is piping hot. It does come with a reusable grounds filter if you want to do it the old fashioned way every now and then. And it can even handle tea if being caffeinated isn’t for you. If you do like being caffeinated you can control your coffee’s strength because the water tank is easy to read and fill. So no need to sweat about your brew being too weak or too potent. There’s an automatic shut off feature and it even cleans itself. Wins all around.

Free shipping on this for Prime members.

Ignacia’s BBQ ribs made me regret not making a Ninja Foodi my air fryer of choice. I love my Corsori smart fryer, but don’t make that mistake. The Ninja Foodi has grilling, air frying, roasting, baking, and dehydrating functions packed into one sleek unit. Best Buy offering one for your kitchen at a nice $190 price.

This is the smaller 4-quart model, which doesn’t have quite as many functions as Ignacia’s—it’s missing slow and pressure cooking—but for simpler needs, this’ll get you by just fine.

Parenthood is sweet, but not knowing what your newborn is doing (they’re probably sleeping) while you’re in another part of the house is anxiety-inducing. With the Eufy baby monitor for $100, which is $30 off its original list price, you can keep an eye on your baby without marching up and down the stairs or hallway every time you think you hear a peep. You get automatic alerts if your baby is crying, so you’ll really, REALLY know if something is wrong. This 720p unit also has a 1000ft range so you can watch your little creation anywhere in your home! Grab it before it is gone.

If you don’t mind buying refurbished, MorningSave is letting go of a two-piece combo featuring a recertified Ring Video Doorbell Pro for a low $129. See who’s knocking in a pinch and interact with your visitors without ever having to approach the door, which is just fantastic in these increasingly anarchistic times. Your purchase includes 30-day access to cloud recordings and you’re covered by a 1 year standard Ring warranty.

We don’t think Belka and Strelka had treats this good, pretty sure. Pupford’s Freeze-Dried Dogs Treats were made for any pooch aspiring to be a space pupper. They may just really want a tasty snack for being a really good boy or girl. That’s ok too. For just $16 you’ll get about 475 freeze-dried in beef, rabbit, salmon, or sweet potato flavor.

These are low cal so if you’ve got a furbaby with a few extra pounds a couple of these a day won’t be a cause for concern. Distracting or keeping a puppy or even an older dog’s attention at certain times can be very important and these absolutely help. This is a deal if you need to do that regularly with several dogs because you’re getting so many little bits. The ingredients are simple and because they are freeze-dried there’s a lot less nasty stuff needed to keep them fresh. That also means no crumbling bits at the bottom of the bag. I would say they’re tasty but I can only gauge that by the two senior dogs I live with loving these. This is a great value for quality and quantity. How often does that happen?!

This will ship for free in one-day for Prime members.

If you love to be prepared for any type of situation, or just nostalgic for your former Boy Scout and Girl Scout days, you should check out the Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife. Only $16 because of a price drop and a clippable coupon, you’ll get a knife with seven functions including a small blade, scissors, nail file, screwdriver 2.5 mm, key ring, toothpick, and tweezers. What are you waiting for?

For anyone changing their car tires at home, an impact wrench is an essential buy. Not only can it loosen your lug nuts and bolts, but it can do so faster than a lug wrench. The RIDGID cordless mid-torque impact wrench in particular is one of the most highly rated and popular models you’ll find on the web, and for a limited time, you can fetch one for yourself at a fraction of the list price. While you might spend $180 on Amazon for the same product—no battery pack included—The Home Depot is selling it for $149, bundled with a 4Ah removable battery, an 18-volt charger, and a carrying bag at no additional cost.

As this is marked a “Special Buy” on the retailer’s site, it’s safe to assume this deal won’t last long. And since the limit is two per customer, you can also start your holiday shopping early for the DIYer or hobbyist in your life. Register both for complementary parts and lifetime support from The Home Depot.

If you’ve already watched the new episode of The Mandalorian and are looking for another way to pass the time maybe you need a new succulent planter. Here is The Child to fill that void with his sweet face and customizable plant home. For just $9 spend an afternoon with “Baby Yoda” and bring both your green thumb and inner artist together.

This set comes with 4 markers, a sticker sheet, even a fake succulent if you don’t have a real one to add, and the adorable petite planter. You can also paint it if you’re a real Bob Ross and want to make a very happy baby. The recommended age is 4 plus and I’m sure with supervision this could be a great weekend activity for you and a little one. This is a fun and very cute way to bring some of a galaxy far far away into your home.

The time has come for the blankets on the back of the sofa to make their way down and wrap themselves around you. As you sink down into them and start to get cozy maybe you realize a stain from wine or a tear from a pet. It’s now Throwvember, the peak month for sofa snuggles. This means that blanket better be in tip-top shape. Save up to 60% on a variety of blankets from Wayfair right now.

I had a blanket just like this one during my first year at college. The classic navy blue goes with anything and is a solid choice all around. As the name suggests it is in fact velvety soft. With a bit of a shimmer to it, this blanket looks cool and feels better. The Veletloft Blanket ($31) is the throw you want to be cuddled up in on football Sunday.

If you’re looking for a pop of color Nader’s tweed throws ($34) comes in 26 shades to do it right. Take $16 off the vintage-esque blanket made from fade and stain-resistant polyester. The knitted fabric and tassels for sure give it that throwback vibe and it’s ready for you to be curled up sipping hot cider.

This is the throw for when you need just one more layer of warmth. The woven microfiber is luxurious to touch and fun to look at with its geometric pattern. The Dillon Luxury blanket ($19) is 62% off, easy to clean, and comes is a beautiful dark gray color that will blend with any surrounding.

Free shipping on all orders over $35.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been getting through this socially-distant life on the power of caffeine and stubbornness, alone. Luckily for you, though, I’ve found a deal to get you to explore the world of coffee with a subscription to Atlas Coffee Club and $10 off your first bag! The price per shipment is about $4, so that’s super cheap. Featuring beans from Kenya, my home country of Brazil, and a number of other places around the world, you can have your caffeine fix and imagine yourself on vacation in paradise whenever the world gets a vaccine. Sounds peaceful. Take me there.

I love a good skincare deal, and as someone in desperate need of a skincare routine revamp to bring some calm to my face post-Election Day, I am very intrigued by a few fantastic discounts on K-Beauty kits and products at iHerb right now.

First up, vitamin C has many skin-boosting benefits, and you can pack a punch of this nutrient into your skin with the Some By Mi Yuja Niacin 30 Days Brightening Starter Kit, only $18 (which is cheaper than the Amazon price of $22). This four-piece kit of skincare items includes gel cream, toner, serum, and sleep mask. Each product includes yuja extract, a citrus fruit full of vitamin C, and 5% niacinamide for nourishing and hydrating skin.

If you need more than moisture and brightening, the Some By Mi AHA.BHA.PHA 30 Days Miracle Starter Edition is also available at a great price for $17 — once again, that is a bit cheaper than you can find it on Amazon. This four-piece kit which includes a cleansing bar, toner, cream, and serum is an exfoliation-heavy routine, so be sure that’s right for your skin. The products also include tea tree and niacinamide. Be sure to also check out additional K-Beauty products on sale at iHerb right now.

I know I can always use more face masks and hand sanitizers these days, and iHerb also has some fantastic deals on those essential items right now. I personally love these Ariul hand sanitizing wipes, which are 60% off for only $2 as a special trial price (meaning you are limited to one per order).

Wiping your hands and surfaces down is a good idea for avoiding germs that can get you sick, but bacteria from your hands is not great for your face either, so consider this a part of your skincare routine, as well!

There’s also a 10-pack of SunJoy KN95 masks for only $6, so you can protect the rest of your body today with iHerb deals. Be sure to check out the rest of their hand sanitizers and masks on sale.

You can get free shipping at iHerb on orders over $20, so I recommend checking out their samples and trials (like this Blithe tundra chaga serum for $2) to help tip your cart over that limit! Your skin is your largest organ, take care of it and the rest of your body with these awesome iHerb prices while you can.

Two color options for the metal Quip electric toothbrush are on sale in Target’s early Black Friday deals this weekend.

You can grab a pretty pink or a sleek black metal toothbrush for just $25 right now. These slim electric toothbrushes are cordless and completely waterproof, and brush your teeth with gentle sonic vibrations. They also feature a timer so you can ensure you’re brushing long enough for ideal dental hygiene.

As an added bonus, the toothbrush’s carrying case can easily convert to a mirror mount or a stand for your bathroom sink, so you can take it on the go or leave it at home while keeping it clean and ready to use.

This price point is only valid through Sunday.

I only lived on the east coast for about six months, and none of it was in the winter, so I can’t really relate to needing layers in the winter, but I do know what it’s like to be in Boston in February without any layers. I’d never make that mistake again, and neither should you, so if you’re living somewhere chilly, it’s good to bundle up. Right now, JACHS NY is giving Kinja readers 65% off select layering essentials using the promo code KINJA65.

If you’re in need of a solid jacket, the Khaki Stretch Corduroy Sherpa Jacket should keep you nice and cozy, and that code will bring the price down from $145 to about $50. You could also get the Red Buffalo Plaid Wool jacket for $70 if you’re leaning into the lumberjack look with your quarantine beard. For something a little more snug, the Blue Cable Knit Crewneck Sweater is down to $45. If you really need to stay warm, the Blue and Grey Sherpa Lined Parka is down to a little over $60. I’m partial to this Cream Aztec Wool Blend Shirt, though, which is down to $70.

Grab Fenty Beauty Holo Daze Mini Gloss Bomb Collection for a low $36 at Fenty Beauty. You’ll be able to adorn your lips with four moisturizing lip colors that’ll really top off your makeup look. The best part is your lips won’t even get sticky, which is 100 percent the reason everyone hates lip gloss. Trust in Rihanna and buy the damn makeup!

We could all use a little T.L.C. right now and if you can save some money while doing so all the better. This wireless percussion massager is currently on sale for $59. That’s over half off its original price so no additional headaches about the price.

This massager has over twenty different speeds and can take it all the way up to what will feel like a professional spa appointment. There are six interchangeable attachments depending on your needs. Round, fork, air cushion, flat, and bullet each have specific targets. The bullet sounds divine as it helps break up tension or knots and I know some backs that could surely use that. You get about two hours of relaxation between charges.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $4.99 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. That includes other stores like SideDeal and Meh, too. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $7.99.

If you’ve been looking for a gift for your makeup-obsessed friend, check out this Tartelette Gift Get Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow. It’s a pack of three Amazonian Clay eyeshadow palettes for a low $49. You’ll get neutral, bronze, and pink/plum shades for whatever makeup look you can think omontif. Tarte Cosmetics is a dope, vegan brand, so you’ll feel better about consumption while you craft a totally amazing eyeshadow look. Grab it before it’s gone!

When I lived in London I fell in love with The Body Shop. Their perfume, lotions, body scrubs, all of it. I was glad to see it make an appearance in American with a handful of stores. When it hit Ulta I was ecstatic, this great brand was now easy to access for everyone in the States. Until November 21 buy any 2 items from the brand and get one free.

If you don’t know where to start as there are 120 products to select from anything from the tea tree line is stellar. The Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion ($20) is absolutely wonderful if you’re prone to breakouts, irritation, or even redness. This will soothe your face overnight and help control angry skin.

The Body Shop is known for its Body Butters, of which there are many. There is absolutely a scent for everyone. My go-to from day one has been the Mango Body Butter ($21). This does wonders on dry patches and smells brilliant. With winter well on its way stock up on these now.

Free shipping on all orders over $35.

Get your Thanksgiving living room look together with a Full Snap Eyeshadow & Mini Mascara Set from Fenty Beauty, only $29. It includes six matte and shimmers to really make your eyes POP for those selfies on Instagram and cute little TikTok videos. You’ll also get a mini mascara for your eyelashes, really defining your eye shape and completing the look! Grab it before it’s gone!

Today is going to be stressful no matter how you slice it. But our beautiful pals at Bellesa want to inject a little playfulness to lighten the mood. In the spirit of democracy, they want you to vote on your favorite vibe from their line and save 20%. These deals will run until the end of Wednesday. Now just select your party and get to stuffing your ballot box.

The nominee for the Suction Party is the Air. If you’re into high-tech toys to stimulate two of the best zones then this might be your party. The Cinetic Suction plays that top note to perfection while high-end vibrator tech hits the g-spot with precision. Durable and flexible for all types and preferences. If this is the toy for you use the code VOTEAIR and get it for $79.

Speaking of the right spot. If you love to keep your affairs internal then you belong in the G-Spot Party with the Aurora ($79). Soft, sleek, and powerful. Just one button gets it going to push all yours. This is a great beginner vibe so first-timers use the code VOTEAURORA.

A little from column a, a little from column b. Why choose when you can get both. The Dea is representing the Dual Party ($95). Created with the maximum pleasure of both the G-spot and the clit in mind, this is an actual deity on earth. It’s ergonomic and blends it all together in a rhythmic fashion. Keep in touch with yourself, take a real journey of relaxation and discovery. Just use the code VOTEDEA.

Free shipping on all of these no matter which you pick.

KN95 Masks 20-Pack | $48 | N95MaskCo | Promo code KINJA20

KN95 Masks 20-Pack | $48 | N95MaskCo | Promo code KINJA20
Image: Elizabeth Lanier

With the ongoing virus, it’s a good idea to keep masks on hand so you never have to go without. Lucky for you, we’ve got an exclusive deal to help you stock up on KN95 face masks today.

These already discounted KN95 masks from N95MaskCo are even cheaper with our exclusive promo code, KINJA20, applied at checkout. That means you can get a 20-pack for $48 or a 50-pack for $104.

These masks come in packs up to 5,000 if you need that many masks for some reason. A pack of 100 seems like a good option for most households and you can get that for $159 right now.

Mask up and enjoy this exclusive deal while it lasts!

There’s nothing more vegan than letting everyone know you’re vegan, and while I don’t partake in the diet myself, I do try to reduce my animal-based intake where possible. And for avid CBD users like myself, it can be hard to find gummies that don’t use gelatin or other animal products to get their chewy mouthfeel. Complete with vitamins D3 and B12, Sunday Scaries Vegan AF gummies yield all the benefits of its classic Gummies for Chillin’ except, you know, without the dissuasive ingredients. Made from broad spectrum CBD oil and coconut oil, unlike some competing brands, Sunday Scaries’ gummies contain no THC, not even like trace amounts of the stuff. So if you’re trying to cut down on the devil’s lettuce, let our exclusive discount help with that.

Because CBD lacks the psychoactive chemical found in THC, it doesn’t get you “high” per se. Instead, it makes you feel relaxed while sober. Just pop a tasty gummy or two and you’re set to lie down for the night, free from racing thoughts about the impending doom of work tomorrow, hence the name Sunday Scaries. For a limited time, you can save 25% on these vegan CBD gummies using the promo code ESINV25 to see what it’s all about. Automatically applied at checkout, this brings the grand total down to $35, or $31 if you choose to subscribe and save. Before long, you’ll be singing its praises without ethical concern for environmental impact (well, save for the packaging I presume).

Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed more than this second stimulus check we’re supposedly getting. Thankfully, you can still bury your head deep in Cyberpunk lore with The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Deluxe Edition. This hardcover book is down to $49 (clip coupon) and includes 192 pages of information about Night City and all its inhabitants.

Step into a dark future where violence, oppression, and cyberware implants aren’t just common—they’re necessary tools to get ahead. Explore the various districts, gangs, and history of Night City. Learn all there is to know about the technology of tomorrow and research the cybernetics, weapons, and vehicles of Cyberpunk 2077.

Here’s what you’ll find with the Deluxe Edition alongside the book:

  • An exclusive Night City map cover.
  • A slipcase featuring Night City graffiti.
  • Temporary Tattoos: show your alignment with any of Night City’s varied, colorful gangs.
  • Johnny Silverhand Poster: a memorial to the gone-but-not-forgotten superstar, Johnny Silverhand.
  • Vehicle Postcards: Four postcards that each showcase a vehicle from one of Night City’s diverse and unique lifestyles.

Find it at Amazon, and if you don’t need all the extras, the standard hardcover alone is also 16% off at $34. don’t forget you can still pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 for $50 and have it the day the game launches!




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Dear diary: the day is November 4. I’ve escaped into a nearby abandoned subway and Americans everywhere are even more fiercely adhered to their screens than ever before. If you’ve resolved to hunker down and follow every single bit of Election Day coverage you can, consider putting a new TV on your ticket. TCL’s models go pretty cheap while still delivering a crisp 4K picture and a voice-activated Android TV smart platform. At Best Buy, you can grab one of these 50″ sets for just $230, a $120 drop from usual. If you need a little more room, the 55″ is just another $20.

I’m a big fan of Samsung’s smartwatches and wore a Gear Sport for years. There are three options on sale now at Best Buy saving you $70. If you’ve been thinking about getting a smartwatch but don’t want to go crazy these are a really nice option. This is an early Black Friday treat and a savings of 28%.

If you are Samsung phone users these watches easily pair with them but I used my iPhone with my Gear Sport and it was pretty seamless as well. It was also quick to pair with my headphones. If you’re using this for fitness these watches can detect and track over forty movements. And they’re durable enough for hiking and swimming. They can track sleep and heart rate which are two things that are important to keep an eye on. The touch-screen display is clear and bright so it’s effortless to view messages and updates. And as with an Apple watch you can sync these up for Samsung Pay to make purchasing quicker. The battery life is pretty decent and if I remember correcting I went at least three or four days between charges. These watches are great middle of the road value, not too expensive but not too cheap. Each style is gorgeously made and you won’t be disappointed.

If you really don’t care about your Fire Stick having volume controls, or just love having two remotes, Amazon Fire Stick Lite could be your jam. At only $18, it’s the newest version of the Fire TV Stick and can get you linked up with Netflix, Hulu, and all the other streaming services you love. Just plug it in the back of your TV in the HDMI plug and you’re good to go. It’s a pretty good bargain, so if you’re in the mood and want a deal, I’d snatch it up. Quick.

This battery organizer and tester from ZeroDark is $31 off right now. This is a smart way to keep your little energy containers in one place and keep track of their juice. This durable system is simple to use and is a great way to save some money in the long run if you have a house of battery operated items.

This sturdy storage case not only makes it easy to see what you’ve got, but it also won’t have you scrambling for an extra battery when a remote goes belly up. The tester helps you keep an eye on what might need a charge but also helps with the guessing if a battery is even still good to use. The digital display is painless to read the voltage and effortless to operate. It sits perfectly on a desktop or can even be mounted and the battery tester is detachable. You’ll be able to hold 110 batteries at once at various sizes. Here’s what it can fit: 12 button cells, 48 AAs, 24 AAAs, 8 9-volts, 10 Cs, and 8 Ds.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

There are a lot of very obvious AirPods-inspired wireless earbuds out there right now, but Samsung’s recent Galaxy Buds Live are different: they look like lil’ beans that you pop into your ears. These aural legumes are plenty powerful, however, packing active noise cancellation and strong audio quality. And the shape actually works well, as Gizmodo reviewer Sam Rutherford described:

“The Galaxy Buds Live are quite comfortable, and when combined with their relatively petite dimensions and low profile, they are some of the most unobtrusive wireless headphones on the market. In fact, I’ve even fallen asleep while wearing them and they are right up there with the Pixel Buds as being one of the most comfortable earbuds in my ears. And when it comes to staying in place during exercise, even after a sweaty one-mile run, the Galaxy Beans never budged.”

Save $30 off the list price in all four colors at Amazon right now.

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