Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

Let’s take a look at the state of play in the three key states – Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada – that will decide this race once and for all.

In Georgia, Joe Biden has extended his lead to more than 7000 votes. On Saturday AEDT, Biden said for the first time that he would win the deep south state that hasn’t been blue since Bill Clinton’s presidency.

This is significant because Biden’s margin had previously only been around 1500 votes. Election officials have said that the tight margin means that the result is going to a recount. Even so, Biden’s new buffer is a significant blow to Donald Trump’s hopes of regaining the state after a recount.

In Pennsylvania, Biden’s lead is even more comfortable – nearly 29,000 votes. Biden is also certain he will win this state.

In short, it will be game over for Trump if Biden wins Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes.

In Nevada, Biden is leading by nearly 23,000 votes, but there are still more than 124,000 ballots yet to be counted.

This all means that Biden leads in all the key seats and – despite Trump’s protestations, legal or otherwise – Biden is well and truly in the box seat to win this election.

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